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Roar profiles explained

By writing articles, posting comments, submitting videos, or live blogging, you can become a Roar Pro, a Roar Guru, or even a Roar Expert.

The Roar ranks

Roar Rookie
The level every new member starts out on on The Roar. Once you start commenting and submitting articles and videos, you’ll be on your way to rising through the ranks.

Roar Pro
By this stage, you’re starting to grow your authority with other Roarers. Keep up the great work and before long you’ll rise to the coveted Roar rank of Guru!

Roar Guru
Our highest status for Roarers. You’ve been around the site for a while to get to this level and have earned the respect of your fellow Roarers.

Our expert sports writers are a mix of sports journalists and professional writers who have risen through the ranks on The Roar.

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Advantages of being a Roar member Non-members Members
Submit articles and videos YES YES
Disable video autoplay NO YES
Easy commenting NO YES
Comment reply/like notifcations NO YES
‘Like’ comments NO YES
User history NO YES
Live blogging NO YES
Earn badges NO YES
Link to social media pages NO YES
Media opportunities NO YES
Invitations to Roar events NO YES
Complimentary merchandise NO YES

Frequently Asked Questions
Why am I not a Roar Pro or Roar Guru yet?
We have an algorithm that works out what level our writers should be at based on the frequency they contribute and the response (comments, views) they receive. If you’re waiting to get to the next level, keep up the great work engaging with The Roar’s community and you’ll reach that next rank soon.

How often are the levels updated?

How do I become an Expert?
Experts are typically invited by our editors. That said, if you are an experienced journalist or have shown on the site that you can write world-class sports opinion, then please get in touch.

Can I get more involved in The Roar?
Yes! We are growing rapidly and this is unlocking great opportunities for quality editors, live bloggers, sports writers and videographers. If you feel you have something to contribute, please check our jobs board or drop us a line directly.

Any other questions? Get in contact.