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Geez Stu, this would have applied 3 weeks ago. Not sure its relevant now…we will find out, I guess

Sharks' ruthless efficiency against minnows doesn't give them a hope in finals when there's bigger fish to fry

As crazy as it sounds, I think you could open with Marsh. It wouldn’t always work but, if it does, Marsh could take the game away quickly

Smashing his way through adversity and quelling the haters - the Mitch Marsh journey may have only just begun

I hope Candice or someone else taps him on the shoulder. Best to go out on your own terms in front of your home crowd. I’d like to see Matt Renshaw come in for India and England

Warner’s epic 200 gives him chance to retire on top rather than risk sour ending in India or England

Thanks Stuart…will be trying very hard to be unbiased….Go the Sharkies although my head is telling me something different

Do the Sharks even deserve a spot in the finals after their cushy draw?

They have also picked up Oregon Kaufusi from the Eels. He’s looking better each week

NRL retirees of 2022: McCullough calls quits after 300-plus games, Jackson, Fifita among stars hanging up boots

Completely biased I know, But Kade Dykes played for the Sharks against the Panthers last weekend. Son of Adam, he is a 19 year old full back who looks to have a big future in front of him.

In the name of the father: New crop of NRL players following in their dads' footsteps

Fifita has earned the right to go out on his own terms and the Sharks won’t begrudge him another season. Love him or hate him, the Sharks don’t win in 2016 without him. He’s never been my favourite but, geez, I was a huge fan that night

Million Dollar Man: Andrew Fifita's busted knees, induced coma and $100K per game

Before a Kiwi jumps in, think you may mean Whakapapa rather than Whakatane. One’s a skifield…the other is the home of Benji Marshall. Fun article though…we just need curling to become a national sport

Bring the Winter Olympics to Australia!

Yes, I agree with Brad Hodge. Alyssa Healy is probably best to bat 6 or 7 in the batting order with Haynes and Mooney to open. She does tend to fish outside off stump early in her innings so best to save her to when the ball is not doing as much.

Time to change senseless rule, Healy's pair raises questions: Ashes talking points

Only reason I remember is because I blogged it and thought how impressive Ash was.

Australia expects: How all the semi finalists shape up as Barty fights to break drought

Hi Avatar, small point, but Barty beat Keys in Fed Cup in North Carolina. I think we may be in for a tight one tonight. Keys at the top of her game will be really tough

Australia expects: How all the semi finalists shape up as Barty fights to break drought

Women’s tennis seems to have more depth than men’s at the moment. I doubt Barty would be looking past the 4th round at the moment.

Now or never for Barty as Osaka crashes out at the Australian Open

Agree with your sentiments, Stuart, and the crowd went way too far last night. I don’t think you can single out the Australian Open though. Poor crowd behaviour is common place in New York and Paris as well…doesn’t make it right but we are not alone

The AO, tennis fans and Nick Kyrgios should all be embarrassed

I was there in 2016 for the first day of the Aus vs SA test. Apart from the Aussies being 4 or 5 down for 20, I’ve never been colder at the cricket. Two jumpers were not nearly enough

BRETT GEEVES: Hobart's cold summer nights are a welcome touch of 'home' for battered Poms

I did think about just doing a top 3 and taking the Dragons out of the list. But Su’A and Suli should both make a difference and a number of the other guys are probably on their last chance. If one or two of them stand up (think Mick Ennis and his last couple of years with the Sharks), the Dragons will be improvers in 2022. I don’t have them playing finals though.

The top four NRL recruiters for season 2022

My thoughts exactly. I’ve followed the Sharks for over 40 years and have been through plenty of lows and one big high. Have I played? Of course not. Am I emotionally invested after that long? 100%. I always refer to them as “us” or “my” and won’t be changing

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 22

Thanks Joe, that was a truly moving read. It puts into perspective all the little things that we worry about every day. Hope you and your wife are doing ok and that Tevita and Anna can eventually find a way forward from this tragedy

Tevita Pangai Jr's shattered heart is a season-ending injury

Always thought it odd that relay medley and individual medley had different orders…would be interesting to mix it up

McKeon's bizarre dead heat, relay team's big statement as Aussie challenge underway

Well, looks like I’m going to have the State of Origin tipping wrapped up after one game.

The Roar’s State of Origin expert tips and predictions: Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues, Game 1, 2021

Strange in that play was allowed to go on after the tackle, only to backtrack 50 metres or so to award a penalty. I have no issues with the sin bin decision in today’s environment.

Committed Knights upset Sea Eagles

Thanks for your feedback

Storm overcome slow start to beat Raiders

Probably could have worded that better…

Storm overcome slow start to beat Raiders

Really well. Looks like the change has done him good. Came off the bench but still the first Dragon to get over 100m. Good post contact metres and quick play the balls.

Warriors post upset win over the Dragons

There has got to be something more to this. Maybe, just maybe, Bellamy is on his way to the shire and is starting to call the shots.

Backing, not sacking, young coaches is what brings results

Maybe a tad too early and I seriously hope I am wrong.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 2