The many lakes, reservoirs, rivers, creeks and ponds in Fresno County lend several wondrous areas to cast your line. The most popular fishing areas include Huntington and Shaver Lakes, Millerton Lake, the San Joaquin River, and Dinkey Creek. Deeper in the Sierra, frequented fishing waters include Lake Edison, Florence Lake, Courtright Reservoir, and Wishon Reservoir.  

There are umpteen, less-frequented fishing areas in Kings Canyon National Park. Reaching these fishing spots range from day hikes to multi-day backpack trips. With the streaming Kings River, and more than 3,000 ponds and lakes in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, fishing waters are bounteous.  
Anticipate catching bass, catfish, salmon, trout and many other varieties of fish--the biggest California golden trout was caught in Virginia Lake, Fresno County! 


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